Thierno Diop

Founder RAES -Réseau Africain de l'Education pour la Santé- & Senior Advisor at Schuman Associates
I work in Brussels as advisor in the cultural sector. I have also settled the Réseau africain de lEducation à la Santé - African network for Health Education- to empower girls and women, giving voice to young people on topics telated to health education, citizenship, etc. We are working an an innovative program on Edutainment, i.e. education and entertainment.

Albert Fariala

Singer & slammer
Central African Republic
As an artist, I came to the Colloquium to promote our culture from Central African Republic at international level. In our country we produce our movies in our national language, Sango, to allow our citizen to recognize themselves in their own culture. Despite the remains of a civil war that lasts since 2013, our people recognize themselves in the messages of peace and social cohesion we disseminate through our work. Culture is a critical engine for the development of our country.

Bernard Verschueren

The sector of cultural industries is critical in reaching a sustainable development. As such, Africa has a fantastic potential thanks to its creativity. Cultural industries can play a strong role in shaping the economy of developing countries> It is essential working with trained professionals, artists, producers and alike who can prospect the national, sub-regional and pan-African markets before trying to reach international markets.

Joao Pedro Martins

Chief of Staff - Secretaria Municipal de Cultura do Rio de Janeiro
Being strongly involved in the cultural sector implies sharing experiences and knowledge with other actors from the world to learn about best practices. Culture reaches a much larger spectrum than simply arts as it affects health and public security, it facilitates gender integration and improves quality of life of vulnerable populations.

Saïd Assadi

Director Accords Croisés / 360 Paris Music Factory
Culture play a fundamental role nowadays to support social cohesion and living together. We organize transcultural projects that bring together different artists from different horizons. From my perspective, civil society should be allowed to facilitate and support cultural and artistic creations. Public funding is reducing due to the crisis while commercial market is focusing on short term revenues, we should therefore find another scheme to support the cultural production.

Syhem Belkhodja

Choregraph, Director of Ness el Fen Association
Fabrica is our current project that has for aim raising consciousness amongst our youth who wants to join terrorist organisations while it is youth also who brought the revolution in our country. Through Fabrica, we are using dance to create a Passport for Life that replaces the passport to death they would obtain in terrorist groups. We raise the strength of culture to fight obscurantism.

André LeRoux

ExecutiveGeneral Manager of SAMRO Foundation NPC
South Africa
Our mission consist on promoting art across Southern Africa in the SADC region. Amongst our activities, we support live music venues stabilizing them through fostering their own business model. We also subsidy mobility of artists through the Mobility Fund in SA and 11 countries in the region, reaching 9.000 artists and we promote music in schools with hundreds of artists performing in schools all over South Africa.

Ayoko Mensah

Institutional Advisor at BOZAR
At BOZAR we work with several international organisations such as UNESCO and EUNIC in the field of cultural cooperation between Africa and Europe. Amongst our projects we support a project in Dakar, Senegal, related to digital art taking place at the crossraods of new technologies, environment and participatory methodologies. As such they organize the AfroPixel Festival, connecting local citizens and digital medias.

Carole Karemera

Artist, Founder & Director of Ishyo Arts Centre
As a member of the African Network for Cultural Policies and the African Cultural Heritage Fund, I consider that culture has an impact on all aspects of development. Culture relates to our sensibility and intelligence as human beings, creating social links and allowing us to evolve with our world. We are fundamentally cultural beings and, as such, culture is essential to reach a sustainable development and be able to innovate through creativity.

Chris Torch

Expert,Head of the Artistic Unit at Timisoara 2021 - European Capital of Culture
From my perspective, the most important role of culture in the framework of development is to provide opportunities for people to do coproduction, to work together as it allows them to echange ideas, thougths, movements, facilitating an empathetic reaction, especially at neighbouhood and grassroots level.

Farai Mpfunya

Executive Director of Culture Fund of Zimbabwe Trust
It is essential to exchange ideas and experiences on cultural models and policies we develop in our respective countries to improve them and participate to a sustainable development through concrete solutions. The transformative power of culture into enhancing behaviors and attitudes is essential, taking advantage of music, dance, theatre and all creative assets to change people's mindsets and the way they think.

Ghali Martinez

Director Artes Escénicas Teatro de Aire
Our project focuses on culture as a driver for employment amongst young people. We expect finding ideas and strategies in financing cultural activities, exchanging best practices with other organisations from Europe and the world. Culture is essential in structuring the social environment putting people in contact with their roots and their essence, facilitating a positive development of the society.

Pravali Vangeti

Project Manager at UNESCO
Working at UNESCO World Heritage programme allowed me to realize how culture influences social change at both national and international level. Culture increases social interaction and soclai cohesion, preventing extremism that we need to fight globally, bringing youth a direction to work in the future.

Gitte Zschoch

Director EUNIC Global - European Union National Institutes for Culture
Culture is a vast world of experience. One of the relevant element I noticed working in Democratic Republic of Congo are the principles and values of co-creation with African artists and cultural operators working together with European ones in Kinshasa, mixing different arts as theatre, dance, music with the aim of producing at local level up to the premiere taking place in the city and only then travel to other countries and Europe.


Founder & Creative Director of African Digital Art
I'm a digital artist and I'm passionate bout this new world we live on. All these technologies allows us to connect each other and this is the very first time it occurs in our history. My aim is to bring the culture of African technology to the world. We are all trying to figure out what digital art really means and how all this new connectivity will result in new paradigms.

Jimmy Berthe

Project Manager at Institut Français
Instant Thé is a responsible reality TV show that takes place in Bamako and Segou to engage young people in the development of their neighborhood and their city. From my perspective, I find that the state should participate more actively in the development of culture in collaboration with the private sector because culture promotes peace and development.

Maja Lay

Director of Culture Development Association
People usually see culture as entertainment only whereas it's a crucial part of human society and one's life. Bringing culture and cultural education to people can change their life radically. Small cultural actions on people play a crucial role in changing their perception and behaviors. Culture and art should be part of the educative curricula to help people being better.

Pedro Affonso Ivo Franco

Director GLOSACI - Global South Arts & Culture
Cultural and creative economic sector play a crucial role in the development of global South. We try to understand the role of cultural clusters and hubs, defining policies to boost these structures into generating sustainable development. We have produced a study in Nairobi on how a cultural and creative cluster has influenced its neighbouhood over the past 15 years and how they discuss with its citizens, civil society and private sector.

Pierluigi Sacco

Professor of Economy of Culture at IULM Libera Università di Lingue e Comunicazione - Milan
I'm interested in how cultural can make an impact in societal transformation. The contribution of culture today is much about provoking behavioral change, change in the attitude of people toward aspects that are very problematic such as inter-cultural tensions, migrant crisis. These are issues in which culture can really make the difference by fostering attitudes of intercultural dialogue that we are trying to understand.

Faisal Kiwera

Director of Bayimba Foundation
Our work is to develop the creative sector in Uganda. We organise festivals four times a year on sectors such as cinema or performing arts, combing them with market activities. We also focus on art education program for artists. We have now a very vibrant cultural and artistic sector in Uganda. After ten years investing in cultural economy in the country, we have figured out that 99% of artistic and cultural content in produced by Ugandans.

Simona Neumann

Executive Director/CEO of Timisoara 2021 - European Capital of Culture
I truly believe in the transformative effect of culture in development, developing cities, societies and in creating well-being, building bridges and collaboration opportunities. The European Capital of Culture is a very good example of how culturepromoted and contributed to the evolution of the cities, making them more attractive and engaging their citizens in being more active in culture.

Tierno Niang

Cultural Consultant
Senegal & Belgium
Une étude mai 2019 met en évidence le fait que la culture participe sept fois de plus au PIB que l'industrie automobile. La culture est un vecteur économique important dans le développement de nos sociétés don’t il faut comprendre les enjeux. C'est à nos gouvernants, surtout dans les pays africains, de comprendre ces enjeux et de les intégrer dans les discussions budgétaires.

Yasmine Ouirhance

Young European of the Year 2019
When I lived in Italy, I used to participate to a project called Arte Migrante developed by the civil society to gather Italian people and migrants to organize a dinner every two weeks to discover the different artistic skills of the migrants: dance, music, poetrywith the aim of creating moments of sharing to allow the participants understanding that migrants are primarely human beings.


Interior Designer
I am Iranian, leaving for eight year in Belgium where I have very good friends to share moments with, enjoying the differences between our cultures, exchanging ideas to create a mational culture.

Marie Daulne

Belgium & RD Congo
I use art to talk about our Afro-European existence. In the 90's I studied visual arts but by then we where part of the invisible world. So I choose music as a sonic expression to use the invisible to be seen. I wanted to be recognized in the European society through our own identity. We don't have the same culture, certainly the same emotions, but not the same expression.

Sybilla Britani

Cluster Development Manager at EUNIC Global - European Union of National Institutes for Culture
We strongly believe in the power of culture in international relations. We want to see more people dialogue and more people involved in co-creation with different partners and actors from the ground. We aim creating an enabling environment for culture and for creative industries. Culture serves to asses certain issues such as gender equality, human rights or questions of environment.

Thierno Diop

Founder RAES -Réseau Africain de l'Education pour la Santé- & Senior Advisor at Schuman Associates
I work in Brussels as advisor in the cultural sector. I have also settled the Réseau africain de lEducation à la Santé - African network for Health Education- to empower girls and women, giving voice to young people on topics telated to health education, citizenship, etc. We are working an an innovative program on Edutainment, i.e. education and entertainment.

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